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Weber 32/36 carb help

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beastbseries   +1y
I got the weber 32/36 carb for my truck and I want to know if it's as waxy as hookin it up and doin the adjustments
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cab+rider   +1y
I have a 1988 B2200 Cab Plus and it's been running a weber for years. I'm no master mechanic but I was able to remove the OEM carb with all the vacuum hoses with no problems. I just followed the instructions that came with the weber carb and installed it no issues other than needing additional vacuum plugs of the right size.

Did your carb come with the adapter plate for the intake manifold?
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Cusser   +1y
Why did you post this under "Exterior" ????

I've run a Weber 32/36 DGEV on my B2200 since late 2005, like it.

My comments about Weber K675 kit for Mazda B2200 1988 (Weber 32/36 DGEV) from my own installation about 6 years ago; note that some of the issues may be corrected by now.

Buy some extra 5/32 inch vacuum hose for stuff like the distributor vacuum advance, and some vacuum block-off caps (or use vacuum hose and golf tees). Some have suggested better quality vacuum caps can be obtained at Summit Racing.

Buy a new throttle return spring at the hardware or parts store; the one supplied is weak. I use #99 spring from Ace Hardware. The little plate with two holes in it is to mount on the engine for the throttle spring bottom attachment.

Instructions detailed a 6mm hex/allen key being required for the adapter screws; actually, it was a 5mm hex key required, and I cut down a 5mm L-shaped hex key with a hacksaw to use in my 5mm socket so I could use my torque wrench to get 12 ft-lb of torque like the instructions stated.

Bottom adapter plate needs to be ground away around the intake manifold PCV inlet, best if a bench grinder is available; there is a picture showing this, why couldn
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Ratman   +1y
Regarding a "better throttle spring for the Weber 32/36", my truck is a '86 B2000. Cusser mentioned a "#99 spring from ACE Hardware". I called ACE, (couple places actually) and unfortunately they didn't have a clue what "#99" meant? I'm putting a 32/36 on as well, just ordered it. Looking at the Weber throttle linkage spring pics online, it does look pretty wimpy, so Cusser's input is appreciated. If someone can comment on the "aftermarket" Spring Length, and O.D. of spring, that would be great. Just don't want to have to go back to AutoZone, e.g., 4-times with trial and error for determining the "right" spring selection. Also, I have the question of the attach point of spring, opposite of carb linkage? I would assume running it to the intake manifold somewhere? If some has a pic. that would be nice too!
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