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Newbie from SC

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vcminitrucker4lyfe   +1y
Hi everyone my name is Daniel and i'm a draggaholic. I enjoy long walks on the beah, beers, bodydrops, and hottys. I got a 93 S-10 ex-cab front bagged with a york 210edc. its got a 4.3lt auto. I'm a member of Vertically-Challenged truck club. Well thats about it.
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dropemlow   +1y
welcome man and im tryn to join vc my buddy eric is ohio chapter president
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lvnlow9543   +1y
welcome wo the site bro, got any pics, we are pic whores
schreff avatar
schreff   +1y
Welcome bro, post some pics.
vcminitrucker4lyfe avatar
vcminitrucker4lyfe   +1y
well thanks for the welcome guys. I'll post some pics soon. Good luck on gettin in the club man. i'm the president for SC.
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eastcoastcustomz   +1y
whats up from ga!! welcome to the site.
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scooter   +1y
good to see another sc boy in here. where in sc are you? and welcome to the site.
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cluster   +1y
welcome to the board... wher ein SC is the club located?

i got a truck that used to be in VC thats about it haha
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maz89   +1y
welcome to the site bro
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minitruckinranger   +1y
Well, lvnlow is just a whore period.