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someone new from sc

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scooter   +1y
sup everyone, im cory from sc, have an 82 s10 that im in the middle of bagging. if you want to check it out. just go to and look up 82 s10 and im scooter on there. i know a good bit about cars but i probably know more than anyone should know about s10's. i have a degree in auto mechanics and welding. guess im through with my life's history. later
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thetornado   +1y
lookin great bro! and welcome to the site.

here a link to his profile on ssm:
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scooter   +1y
thanx alot man i appreciate it.
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maz89   +1y
welcome to the site man, comin' along good
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schreff   +1y
Welcome to the site bro
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sdime98   +1y
welcome from over here towards rockingham...
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lvnlow9543   +1y
welcome to the site bro
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dragginncrds   +1y
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scooter   +1y
thanx everyone for the big welcoming party lol i appreciate and if anyone ever needs any help or advice i will try my best to give what i know
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danami   +1y
welcome, nice ride.