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Who do you guys use?

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gettinlow85s10   +1y
What company do you guys use to buy s10 parts, air suspension stuff, metal products, etc.?

i think for my air suspension, i will use

for my s10 parts

and metal products

engine parts

let me know who you all use...

By the way, check out gravity-werx!!!

Slam bags
shock kit


where as would be the same or a bit more... and GW uses parker fittings!
dragginncrds avatar
dragginncrds   +1y
sounds good to me.. i get everything from Godfather Customs just because i get a hookup
maz89 avatar
maz89   +1y
Godfather Customs sucks dick.... I live inbetween Godfather's and Gravity-Werx...... GW are some cool kats....
nvious kreationz avatar
nvious kreationz   +1y
all my air shit came from all the rest of my stuff ebay craigslist or other forums
pig rig avatar
pig rig   +1y
lately I've been buying every thing at the local GM garage so I can keep the hunk of shit running
maz89 avatar
maz89   +1y
Pig..... GM doesn't have air suspension parts.... lol
pig rig avatar
pig rig   +1y
well air won't do any good if the thing can't roll out of the drive way under its own power
nvious kreationz avatar
nvious kreationz   +1y
LOL not so true my body dropped 95 isn't running but I can air it up to push the bitch
homegrownbmx avatar
homegrownbmx   +1y
hahahaha yes. air it up and push that bitch
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