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my new truck...

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gettinlow85s10   +1y
wahts up, this is timmy again. i sold my dime for 600 cash. sold my mazda b2200 for 200 cash... then we moved up to Oregon, i got in with a truck club, Custom Creations, and i've bought a new truck. the truck is a 1992 Mazda B2600i extended cab, it has a $900 paintjob, $300 in wheels/tires, the Engine is able to be eaten off of, has a bedliner, has emblems and stuff shaved, has a rollpan.... its NICE... and i only paid $400! more pics are at . check 'em out!
dropemlow   +1y
nice truck bro glad to hear you didnt fall out of the seen due to some asshols
maz89   +1y
rock on, good luck bro
schreff   +1y
Nice score. Nice truck
nvious kreationz   +1y
Yell yeah man looks good!!!
maz89   +1y
gettinlow85s10   +1y
the bitch should be layd by late march... right now, i'm rolling static... i'll get recent pics up asap
dragginncrds   +1y
you need to bag and slam that bitch to the ground and drag the piss out of it.. oh yeah i got me a road dot from Rail Session
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