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pig rig   +1y
I think we need one of those frapper deals here. so every one can see if thay have a neighbor on here
maz89   +1y
is that one of those map things like we have on dually scene Pig?
pig rig   +1y
sure is

and not only is it helpful to find other members but you can see were your at in the world if you've never looked at a map before
maz89   +1y
true dat, true dat
schreff   +1y
Mazda B-scene has one, I think this site should to.
lvnlow9543   +1y
what are we not good enough
thetornado   +1y
does somebody want to make one up?
someone made one on mazdabscene, we never did as the site though.
so if anyone wants to, start one up!!!
maz89   +1y
cool with me! Pig, would you like the honors!?
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