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no tailights

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laidmits   +1y
what's up guys? i'm hoping someone can help out with this. i have '97 jimmy, and about a month ago my taillights just stopped working. the brakelights and turn signals work just fine. i have checked all the fuses and bulbs, but none are blown. also the instremunt cluster lights don't work either, just like the taillights i have checked everything. can anyone tell me what i may be missing or not checking?
maz89   +1y
check all your grounds! had the same problem with my taillights back in the day due to me leaving a ground off.....
laidmits   +1y
i thought about that, because it happened to my purple jimmy after it got bagged the first time. when i got it back from getting bodydropped all the lights worked fine. all i have done to this one is lowered it. i haven't touched any wiring on it. but i'll check them anyways. thanx
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