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what size carb do i need

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lvnlow9543   +1y
i am getting rid of my fuel injection, i know what dist. and all, i have the intake manifold, but what size carb, i can't find a def. answer, it is a 1995 4.3 tbi
maz89   +1y
500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 cfm gas ain't cheap bitch
leger   +1y
600cfm carb on a 4.3 will be fine
lvnlow9543   +1y
i heard from edlebrock that i need a 500, the 600 wont flood it out
schreff   +1y
I wouldnt go over 550. Anything more is just to much, unless you jet it down.
lvnlow9543   +1y
so a 500 should do the trick right, 2 or 4 barrel
dragginncrds   +1y
you need the biggest fuckin one they have
lvnlow9543   +1y
congrats on the hotrides feature
dragginncrds   +1y
i appreaciate it.... shootin for guage at Scr8p Fest if i go
lvnlow9543   +1y
cool, i have been talking to negative camber, may try to petition, but i will have to see