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where to post project or build threads

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nvious kreationz   +1y
Hey fellas is there a place to post our build threads or projects?
maz89   +1y
like what? like a place to post pics and what not as you go?
nvious kreationz   +1y

you know it!! or are we not doing that on this site?
maz89   +1y
Of course we are bro! Just post it under the "photo post" forum, and whenever you have progress pics, post'em up
nvious kreationz   +1y
well shit I forgot all about that section thankz bro
maz89   +1y
no prob my man! hurry up and post some, you know we all pic whores!!
nvious kreationz   +1y
hey i will take some tomorrow of the new truck and the things I am doing and redoing
dragginncrds   +1y
i wonna see too... ill get some pics of mine up after Southeast Showdown
lvnlow9543   +1y
i need to post some pics of mine and doordragr progress on the interior of the dime
gettinlow85s10   +1y
once i get my truck back i will post pics when i do the buckets, and the console, i also got some new goodies going in... once i get 650 bucks, i'm gettin air suspension for the front...