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I'm thinking

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pig rig   +1y
I'm thinking of selling my 93 blazer I put an engine in it in sept. new trans in march new tires in april and rebuilt the frontend then over the last year an half I've replaced
ecm and all sensers
fuel injection
and I just got a new good mark cowl hood that I haven't painted yet
went through the A/C works great
it also has a new K/N filter and a high out put coil
it runs and drives great its a great comuter rig thats not embarassing to drive I've dumped a lot of money in this so I'm asking $4500 but if I paint it I'll ask $5000
if some one put it on air it would make a great cruzer the interior is in great shape no tears or cuts
do you guys think I'm asking to much
maz89   +1y
I don't think so...... check out and see what some of these other people are askin' for theres. I think it's fair priced. Shit, I wouldn't mind havin' it if you didn't live across the whole damn country!! or you could always post it on mautofied and trade for something else...... not that you don't already have enough shit though!
pig rig   +1y
yea thats the whole point I need to get rid of some shit
I wounder were that guy with the hot tub is at oh yea I forgot one thing if no one agrees with me I'm turning this in to an ssm deal and start to bitch and wine untill you all see it my way
lvnlow9543   +1y
please don't cry anything but whinning j/k
maz89   +1y

O dear god. I don't know what happened to the hot tub guy, but that was some funny shit. My hot dog and r/c cola deal with Trevor fell through, so I can offer you the same deal
pig rig   +1y
If the tub comes with water and he pay for shipping I might jump on it just for the laugh
maz89   +1y
pig rig   +1y
I droped the hood off at my buddys body shop to get painted we talked about doing the whole thing if I go ahead and paint it I'm going to two tone it red on top and the bottem black should I leave the luggage rack or remove it
I was thinking leave it for that hotrod family truckster look
maz89   +1y
...... i don't know, that's a hard call, i like both ideas.....
lvnlow9543   +1y
dude i say keep the luggage rack, but that is just me
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