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help? getting doors off

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tofnlows10   +1y
is there an easier/more safe way to get the pins out of ur doors besides using a hammer??

thats what i did on my 89'....was a peice so i didnt care then...but now i gotta get them off my 00'..
maz89   +1y
nope. I've been a body tech for years..... the easiest way is to have a door dolly that will hold the door inplace while you remove the pins. the dolly will hold the door level so there's no binding and the pins will come out a tad bit easier. other than that, a smaller hammer and a punch will help. and just take your time. make sure all your bushings are in good shape and in place when you go to put the door back on. and if you don't have any hook ups with a body shop, then when everything is done, get some duplicolor touch up paint from wally world or autozone or whatever and touch up the hammer and punch marks on the pins and where ever else you may have gotten them......
lvnlow9543   +1y
just be carefull
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