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Hey Guys my name is mark. I'm from Australia and been in the truckin scene for around 6 years. Came across the site through a facebook group page so thought i might come and post up my old isuzu that i used to have. I have actually started another isuzu/holden that i'll post up another build soon.

This is how it started

off with the canopy and on with the cover

Then stupidly and regretfully i lowered it

Then i created door cards

then a centre console

I got a set of 18's shortly after

new number plates

as it stood when i was happy with it static

18's were too small so i got 20's

next was the bags.... no need to explain too much i'll let the photo's speak

next came paint!

new taillights

then carpet

and lastly new interior

Thank for viewing and look out for my new build that i'm doing!
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