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ityler   +1y
sup everyone,been a while since ive been on here.thought the old site died lol,well hopefully it gets active again like when i started here.

well anyway,this is my build up!!
its a 1991 pickup that i picked up for $1200 and it was a total pile lol
i call it onelozu lol

its got a stock motor with 215000 miles
rodeo/amigo frontend swap
clear corners and turn signals
alzetta tails
a POS bed lol
95.5-97 rodeo dash and door panels
every different color primer walmart has lol
bagged all the way around
07 silverado 17s
8000k h.i.d.s

future plans:
rebuilt 2.6 block,2.3 head
weber carb
pacesetter header
yota clip
trad bodydrop to mid rockers
1/4 plate on rockers and engine x member
20s or 22s...maybe both lol
4 runner bumper with rodeo dip grafted in
amigo quarters
custom sheet metal firewall,floor,backwall
wood bed floor
home made muffler
94+ one peice windows

when i first got it

By onelowzu at 2010-07-07

changing all the brakes

By onelowzu at 2010-07-07

some old mag wheels i had

By onelowzu at 2010-07-07

my 17s

By onelowzu at 2010-07-07

geting ready to notch it

By onelowzu at 2010-07-07

rodeo/amigo front end

By onelowzu at 2010-06-02

smoothed out rodeo dash

By onelowzu at 2010-07-07

laid out

By onelowzu at 2010-07-07

laid out with my rims again

By onelowzu at 2010-07-07

most recent pic

By onelowzu at 2010-07-06

ive been having the truck for a year now and ive had many problems with it but i love my zu lol
gldsuzi   +1y
coming along nicely! what happened to the dash i sold you?
ityler   +1y
thanks,i started smoothing it out and found out about the newer rodeo dash so now its sitting in my shed,ill probably end up selling it one day...but the cluster and harness in my truck lol
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