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another project of mine

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low_pup   +1y
ok so its not and isuzu. SORRY!
this is my 84 suburban shit heap the way i picked it up. bagged, nothing special at all, will only drag the headers, doesnt lay flat at all, 31" all terrain tires, no notch/ bridge cover, no rear tubs, no drive line tunnle. all big gapeing holes SCARY! has a tierd 305ci in it, mono leaif in rear, next post will be all the work and info on what happend in the last 2 months with it

low_pup   +1y
now for one of the improvements

ported heads
roller rocker
.080 over 350 block (364ci)
lumpy cam (cant recall info on it)
weiand intake
K&N look alike filter and filter top
chrome oil pan
hedman block hugger heaers
dual exhaust w/ flowmasters
turbo 350 trans
aluminum driveshaft
proform electric fan
alot of new shit

got a new 12g fuel cell and rear tubs along with sheet metal (not compleat in this pic.)

low_pup   +1y
and if nobody cought on yet with some of the above pics there is a 2 link and wishbone now, 2 inch bodydrop that puts it nicely on the rockers, and the dront frane clip is Z'ed 2 aditional inches to lay flat, door handles have been shaved (minus barn door) alson with the dopey mirrors the interior nolonger has any big holes in it so i like that alot more shit has happend in those 2 months, im just recapping lol. ok and the new 20"s almost forgot.

low_pup   +1y
im done now and HELL YEAH IT DRAGS

if i keep it ill update with the new "paint" and interior fiberglassing.
89zues   +1y
it might not be an isuzu but man i like it. i was alway a sucker for a square body chevy. and love the engine but it would look better in that mazda lol.
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