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check out my new ride

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draggnisuzu   +1y
alright guys here is my pup its bodied to the pinch on 22's . tell me what you guys think ?
draggnisuzu   +1y
here are more pics
89zues   +1y
the truck is sick man. does them tires rub on the hood? do u have any pics on how the bodie drop was done? and is this the isuzu that was in mini truckin constuction zone last year with the rendering in the corner?
draggnisuzu   +1y
Ya it's that truck. The tires do clear the hood but I'm going to some smaller ones cause the ones I got are 265/35/22. They still clear but I want to get some 30 series just to be on the safe side. About the body drop well I don't have pics but it's simple all that was done to the pup was the front radiator support was sectionded were the mounts are and on the cab the body mounts were cut off and lowered and as for the back the old frame rails were cut off and place with some new ones as you see on the pics. I got a lot of stuff done to it like get my rear-end shortened a fuel cell in compressor mounts and a new tranny mount all I got to do now is place the motor in , brakes back on, and finish the body drop on the bed and oh ya a bunch of minor things. After all this is done it's off to the paint shop hopeing it will get semi done for a show in June down by the bay area .
low_pup   +1y
i think i just fell in love. the first pic is my new wallpaper on this comp.
low1994   +1y
looks great! and yeah I remember seeing this one in MT construction zone....ive been keeping my eyes open for more on I am finally glad to see ya join the site. welcome. and keep up the sick ass work. love the 22's.
draggnisuzu   +1y
I cant wait tell i get this pup on the streets. I have a question for you guys I've been looking for some amigo chrome bumper side pieces that I can't find besides the dealer , I've seem them at the junk yard but the bumper I got is brand new and the sides pieces at the junk yard are dull any help where I can find them.

Thanks guys
slamdeo   +1y
This baby is freakn cool now that's cutting it fine with tire clearance haha. Keep it up it'll be an awesome feeling when you get to drive it again!!
low_pup   +1y
id say your best bet is buy them brom the dealer if you can get them or get some dull ones and get them re-chromed.
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