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Isuzu Projects \  Subtle Responce-1994 Isuzu Space Cab.

Subtle Responce-1994 Isuzu Space Cab.

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rxzilla   +1y
Well guys here is my project. It will be called Subtle Responce. I am going to have bagged, shaved and clean. I will have it C-Notched withing the next couple weeks. I am going with a 350 engine. The stereo will be all Kenwood. I would like to have it complete by show season 2010.

sicpupidaho   +1y
Nice project good luck with the build.
rxzilla   +1y

So the bed comes off. Its not easy removing a bed in 30 degree weather by yourself.

More to come.........
isuzueh   +1y
nice man haha i remeber i had to remove my bed by myself too haha it was such a bitch never again
rxzilla   +1y

Taken before the sleet pushed in. Looks like I will end up doing the C-Notch myself because it looks like not too many people in Fort Worth know what I am talking about....
93zuzu89   +1y
looks like a nice little project. can't wait to see what you do with her. are those chevy rims with the centers painted black?
89zues   +1y
like the new project. good luck and hope u post some pics when u drop the small block in.
rxzilla   +1y

A little more work done.
isuzueh   +1y
its coming along man looking good
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