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Isuzu Projects \  Converted A/C Compressor to run on grease. . (LOTS of pics)

Converted A/C Compressor to run on grease. . (LOTS of pics)

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bodied b2600zx (josh)   +1y
Hey guys, I figured I'd put up some pics and info bout this cuz It got put on my 92 Pup. . . Ok, first things first, the compressor is a Sanden 708. I took it apart and cleaned every bit of oil out of it. . . I cleaned all the parts off with gas to strip any residue from the oil off. The oil would deteriorate the grease so you have to get it all out. . . I used this stuff called "Green Grease." I got it from AutoZone. Its high performance, high pressure, high heat, resistant to moisture and seperating so it should be great for this. . . I've had the compressor converted for some time but I haven't used it yet. But since I bought this Pup, I want my train horns on it, so I am gonna use this as my compressor, pumpin my 2 3 gallon tanks. . . Well here's the pics of the conversion and makin the mounting bracket. . . Enjoy!


Puttin the girl to work she's awesome. . .

And the mounting bracket. . . .

baha   +1y
Nice work man! You will love how much it pumps lol
lowzone1   +1y
why not just run the a/c compressor at its stock location? in NJ, if the state sees the emissions air pump is missing, your screwed. Also the p/s line runs right under there and the pully would block it. Its nice not having these issues but considering the bracket sould mount up to a stock location, and i dont see why a stock AC compressor cant be used...can it????? just wondering
bodied b2600zx (josh)   +1y
Its not the stock a/c pump. . . And I don't have inspection here. . . The smog pump was gone already and I had already converted the pump to run on grease so I figure, why not use it?? Cuz I love my horns. . . And I have manual steering so I don;t have to worry bout that. . .
bodied b2600zx (josh)   +1y
Well I got my horns installed. . . And I don't have a gauge yet but my buddy does. . . So i hooked my tanks to his. . so we totaled 18 gallons of air. . . My engine driven comp filled all 18 gallons to 200psi in right at 4 minutes!! I love it. . . It fills my 6 gallons so fast. . I have some leaks but I don;t even care cuz it fills it so fast haha. . . I'll fix the leaks once I get time

h2omelon(nick)   +1y
You should post this over on Bscene also
bodied b2600zx (josh)   +1y
It is. . . in the projects section. . titled "mounted my Sanden 709" or somethin. .
88longbox   +1y
real quick noob question. what keeps the grease from going into the system like the oil would??
bodied b2600zx (josh)   +1y
its thicker and higher performance. . and grease is made to stay in place, unlike oils. . they are made to move around. . so the grease stays IN the compressor longer. . . It still pushes a little residual grease but thtat may slow down after its run for a while. . Cuz I packed it with alot of grease haha
88longbox   +1y
ok so there will still be a little bit of blow through of the grease so someday you will have to repack it again??