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Everybody look at my bed!

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92zuzuman   +1y

Amigo rear quarterpanels... and a lot of cutoff wheels,tack welds, bondo, sanding, cursing, cigarettes,music, beers, etc. in my cramped ass garage.

I started this like a month before the new minitruckin came out with the blue isuzu in it. Ive seen it done once before that. Lemme know what you guys think.
baha   +1y
I like it man can't wait to see it on the truck!
low_pup   +1y
i am both jelouse of your clean bed and the new quarters. cant wait to see it on a truck laying.
lowzone1   +1y
where have i seen an amigo 1/4 on a truck before.......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........................

oh yeah!!!

must be something in NJ water

looking good. did you do the amigos for the rear track on the vette rear???
92zuzuman   +1y
wow yours came out nice lowzone. Yeah i did mine to make sure the vette rear would work out and to match my fenders up front. The guys at the auto salvage when i went in there were just like... "why do you want these? Youre a really weird dude..."
blackls1   +1y
That looks awesome.
/// xception   +1y
The work is extraordinary.....looks like the truck came like that. THUMBS UP!
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