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90 pup with Rodeo stuff Inside

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lowzone1   +1y
while im building my puparossa, i am also working on my crewcab and another project....a 90 shortbed pup with 240k miles on it.....

and it had major wiring run and the owner started cutting wires and testing.....yeah ugly, but a perfect canidate for this:

yup got a 96 Passport (Rodeo) and swapped over EVERYTHING. wiring harness, dash and all the stuff behind it as well....i cut out the frame section of the Passport, saving the chassis mounts for the motor. I bought a new OEM 0 mile 2.6L trans from a good friend in Georgia and swapped over a bellhousing from a manual v6 5 spd (passport was an auto):

2.6L trans are the same internally

notice the bellhousing size difference...

bellhousing pressurewashed and installed:

i put in a 94 Rodeo dana 44 also with a LSD center into the pup last saturday as well as ripping the 2.6L and auto trans out to make room for the V6:

and the V6 sits REAL close to the factory I4 mounts but i have to swap in the others from the donor truck. i also have to change the fuel lines, ALL the brake lines in the engine bay, and the booster since the hose goes ina different direction. ALOT of interferrence issues but i have that 95.5 donor Rodeo (yeah 96 passport AND 95.5 Rodeo to do this swap) to grab the fuel stuff and brake stuff....all in due time.....well heres the V6 in the engine bay.

i hooked up alotof the wiring, got the doors to work (power windows) and most of the other stuff, no headlights or cranking of the motor yet...think the auto to manual swap is an neutral saftey hooked up...
low1994   +1y
damn man.....pup project insanity....ur building like 5 at the same time....why not just finish one??? hahah
92zuzuman   +1y
Really nice probably know more about isuzu pickups and suvs than isuzu dealership mechanics. Btw thanks for the tips on pulling my motor and trans dude after i talked to you it was no problem!
/// xception   +1y
Great work...I love the V6 swap and the rear end swap. Oh by the way nice creative idea with the dash swap.
modemagic   +1y
Looks like its time to take another trip to NJ to check on Ron's Project Progress!
93zuzu89   +1y
maaan. i wanna v6 in mine!
/// xception   +1y
Cant wait to see more pictures.
isuzueh   +1y
damn i thought about doing this but pussied out because of the amount of work it woulda took haha you're nuts man
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