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91 Isuzu build.

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lethalethan   +1y
Here's my 91 isuzu currently under construction. I got the truck for free from my grandfather, It had a blown head gasket and water pump at the time. I rebuilt the engine in my garage and cleaned it up nice. After that it sat for a while since i was driving my 88 mitsu. Then the trans in my mitsu went out so I moved to the isuzu. Did I mention i'm only 17? haha

Here's the closest pic to stock that i have. This is after I cut and buffed the paint. Thats stock 91 paint and it's never been a garage kept truck until I got it.

The interior when I got it.

Stock motor after the rebuild.

First day it came out of the garage after lowering and mitsu rims.

This is the interior as it sits today. There's and a/f ratio gauge in the hole in the pod now. the top is a water temp, and the one in the cluster is a tach.

Stainless brake lines

Test fitting some nice leather nissan 240sx seats

Look at that reflection

I put in some 8k HID's and moved the turn signals from the bumper into the corner lights. I'm currently searching for some fog lights that i can flush mount into the holes of the valance that where once the turn signals.

Removed the Clutch fan and added an electric

Soon my weber 38 carb will be here. Then I plan on adding a calmini cam and header with full 2 1/4 exhaust.

It's got some tunes to. 2 4in pioneer 2 ways in the dash. and 2 pioneer 4 way 6x9's in boxes behind the stock bench. A pioneer head unit and 2 mtx 10in subs bridged on an 800watt legacy amp.

I know the boxes are shitty. But I worked with what I had when making them. The final plan will be the 6x9's and 2 12's mounted in a box the width of the cab and up to the bottom of the back window. It will also include and sunken in amp rack.
isuzueh   +1y
clean truck man liking the HID's i might do that mod to mine
lethalethan   +1y
got my weber carb in today. Its a weber 38. I'll be putting it on next week.

isuzueh   +1y
got a question with the weber carb will it bolt onto the intake of a fuel injected inttake minus the top part obviously or do you need a whole new intake
lethalethan   +1y
I'm not sure. I dont think you can use a weber in a fuel injected vehicle.
93zuzu89   +1y
let me know how the weber turns out cuz i'm lookin to get one myself.
lethalethan   +1y
Well im back from Formula D and we got my carb put on. All emissions are now removed. Only problem im having is a compression leak where the old smog rail used to be beside the valve cover. But i'll get that straightened out this week. It runs and drives great. It's a %100 over the stock carb for sure. The instructions are a little odd and we had to figure some stuff out ourselves. But overall the install went pretty smooth. Here's some pics.

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