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nascarguy3   +1y
I have a friend that has a 99 vortec 4.3 with auto trans for sale for $300 plus rearend. I just wanted to know if anyone has put a 4.3 in a pup and if you have any pics. Iwas think of putting a 350 with and auto trans in it...
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farmer joe   +1y
this is my buddies 81 luv. same body. its not a v6, but a 425 horse 327. but you get the idea.

thread post photo
nascarguy3 avatar
nascarguy3   +1y
That looks nice, but he needs to bag that thing...
isuzueh avatar
isuzueh   +1y
dang that pretty sick man
eatinpavement avatar
eatinpavement   +1y
i dont know the work involved in the older body pups, but i know for a fact putting a v8 sbc in an 88-95 is much easier than in an obs s10 with thaqt being said, the 4.3 isnt a bad swap either
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blackls1   +1y
That 327 is sweet
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