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sammy d's deo spacey

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toy10w   +1y
heres another oz truck for yas i am in the middle of building,

so far i have it fully bagged and laying out,ready for z and stock floor b/d,
all new cross members all throughout the frame(yet to be welded in),everything shaved and painted,

plans are for paint a bright metalic canary yellow with a silver top just above the bottom swage line,

and plans are for the motor just a stock holden 5 ltr v8.

ill keep the updates rolling as it goes on,

so heres a pic pretty much as it sits now exept i have the whole front tubbs and rad support panel to bits ready for the z notch.

oh and now i have the drop spindals in the front also.

and a quick pic of my TOY i have just finished

i just dont have a finished pic of it haha.
/// xception   +1y
Cant wait to see another kickass Isuzu. You guys love those Holden V8 motors. They must run specials on them over there. LOL
dragn92nznsi   +1y
i know id want one haha
dan   +1y
Lookin' good Scotty.

Great choice of wheels!
toy10w   +1y
Yea we love our 5ltr 8's over here,

the wheels suit it really well,

ill get a few pics of the b/d hopefully this weekend,stockfloor all the way fukers
sicpupidaho   +1y
Another cool isuzu glad to see more.
nuku   +1y
Nice scotty

Comin along nicely!
dragn92nznsi   +1y
oh and you do realize you have a tire on backwards right? not being a jerk, just stating the fact
toy10w   +1y
sure do fella,its all good though.
/// xception   +1y
That was done on purpose to see if anyone could pick the thing wrong in the picture out. Congratulations you've won a prize.