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Canada \  Am I The only Canadian so far??

Am I The only Canadian so far??

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isuzueh   +1y
just checkin
baha   +1y
do you have another name like TuckinEh with a Ranger?
isuzueh   +1y
haha no I actually made the tag name then after i activated it and everything I realized i subconciously copied his name ahh well
oldskewlkool   +1y
yes you aare
crazymikey   +1y
I'm the 2nd Canadian. w00t!
oldskewlkool   +1y
guess not ^^^
crazymikey   +1y
Take off eh. This is the Hoser section.
oldskewlkool   +1y
isuzueh   +1y
yes 2 off us in the house lol
ablaydes   +1y
well we got 2 alabamians in the house yep yep