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what steering wheel adapter?

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low_pup   +1y
well im picking up a colorado custom steering wheel later this week because i got a good price on it and i wanted to know if any of you are running one and what hub or adaptar are you running? because i was told the chevy one wont work.
eatinpavement avatar
eatinpavement   +1y
i know placed like silverstar and b.a.d. can make you one.
twizted_spacecab avatar
twizted_spacecab   +1y
does anyone else have anymore info on this cuz i was to to use a 3 to 9 bolt adapter and when i pulled it off and when to put the adapter on it didnt work so info on a adapter would be great
jester2 avatar
jester2   +1y
had to modify a full size chevy one to make it work
twizted_spacecab avatar
twizted_spacecab   +1y
i think i am goin to take the stock wheel to a machine shop and have them make the spacer with the spline inside of of aluminum then just weld it to the adapter i got
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