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body drop question

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89zues   +1y
i body droped my cab 3 inches this weekend and it brought me to a few questions before i cai go any farther. i tubbed the firewall 2 inches at the top to clear the 255/35/20 tires, and i have alot of camber( roughly 4 1/4 in neg). main question i have is that with the front bumper droped, the tires look like there not going to clear the hood by about an inch. the next question is that will i still beable to run the stock fenders or will they even clear. does any of this sound right? i need help quick. this is first time to do traditional stile drop so any answers would realy help.
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gldsuzi   +1y
All of that stuff really kind of depends on the wheel and tire size, and the backspacing and all that kind of stuff if those tires look like there going to poke out the hood you should get a tire thats a little smaller
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eatinpavement   +1y
yeah really ditch the super swampers and get something smaller. do you have drop spindles? keep in mind its one thing to lay out bodydropped on a bigger wheel but can you get enough lift to turn them as well? your going to have to do some homework to get enough lift in the front to untuck the tire, especially if you run stock fenders.
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89zues   +1y
well i modified the inner part of the fenders and it just clears, as far as lift with the cantilever im doin front and back, ill get max lift in the front and going to get roughly 3 1/2 - 4 ft in the back rolpan. i do gota say all the trimmin sucks. but its worth it. i didnt run drop spindles because i was told they move the wheels out another 3/4in and if so it wouldnt clear my fenders. as soon as i get a chance im goin to post a full biuld on this truck.
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