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Exterior \  What caps (toppers) fit our trucks?

What caps (toppers) fit our trucks?

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loudcherokee   +1y
I am having a HARD time finding a company that produces truck caps for our trucks. It seems the only ones I can find are the utility type for construction work or something. I'm wanting one with smooth sides, and cab high design, exactly like in this picture -

thread post photo

I checked Leer, A.R.E., Jason designs, Snug Top, Century...I'm all out of ideas. Does anyone know what company produces caps for our trucks, or, what other truck has the same dimensions as our Isuzus? For example, will an S-10 or Toyota pickup truck cap fit our Isuzus?


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nssj   +1y

doesnt list isuzu, but has other trucks that may share bed size...

I know had a list too. just cant find it at the moment

something may not be listed for a zu, but will fit the same...
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