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Exterior \  Shaving wiper fluid sprayers from hood, I have a ?

Shaving wiper fluid sprayers from hood, I have a ?

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loudcherokee   +1y
Just wondering if the attachment for wiper arms is universal. I'm not talking about the blades or wiper arm refills that you buy at autozone, I'm talking about the actual arm itself, that mounts to the body.

Reason being, is that I want to shave the windshield fluid sprayers on the hood of my pickup. PA inspection law, however, requires these sprayers to be in working condition, and on the car. I was originally thinking of shaving them off the hood and relocating them to the windshield cowl, however, this may not work due to the angle of the sprayers and the cowl.

So, while driving my Impala, I noticed that the sprayers are attached to the actual wiper arm itself, instead of the hood. This would work perfect if wiper arms are interchangable. What I am now considering, is finding some windshield wiper arms from a 2001-05 Impala like mine, and swapping them over to the isuzu. I just cant tell if they will mount right up or not, and I cant tell how to disassemble the ones that are already on there. This is also needed to know for when I strip the cowl for sanding and painting, it appears that the wiper arms must come off first.

Has anyone tried something similar to this? Or, does anyone have any different ideas to replace the wiper fluid sprayers?

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nssj   +1y
I moved them from the hood to the cowl on my sonoma...
they dont work as good, but they do still work

you may just have to shim them to change the angle a bit... or if the impala style wipers wont fit, find other cheap plastic squirters to see if you can get a better spray angle
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