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need some bodywork help

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93zuzu89   +1y
i took my tailgate off the other day and started my first attempt at real body work. i sanded the tailgate down to the bare metal and started filling in some dents. i'd say i got about 1 or 2 of them filled and they're pretty smooth but i have a few more that i've went over a number of times and they still have that tiny little dip in em. i guess what i'm askin is if anyone wants to share any techniques they use? i'd really appreciate it. thanks guys.

if anyone needs pics just lemme know on here and i'll get some.
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baha   +1y
Are you familiar with sanding in an X type pattern.

What are you using to sand with? It's best to use sanding block but by block sanding wrapping sand paper around a Paint Stir stick works well also. You can also use your hand if you can keep it flat.

I couldn't find any example pictures but what you do is say start at Top left and for your sanding stroke go to the bottom right, then start from the top right and for your sanding stroke go to the bottom left. Keep alternating as you get comfortable the technique does take some practice.

What tools, and body filler are you using?
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89zues   +1y
I would recomend buying a durablock and some 180 and 400grit sticky back sand paper. u can buy them at the auto paint store. as for the block id go with a 10 or 12 inch long. they start around 20 bucks but its overall finish is amazing. start with the 180 to smooth down then use the 400grit. and like he said the x pattern works great. top the finished product of with a good thick coat of primer. then use some 99cent rattle can from wall mart (black works best) and mist it lightly over the primer. when its dry block it out with 400 again till the blacks gone. if done right it will leave a very smooth finish. be sure not to be to aggresive and dont put a whole lot of pressure on the block(providing how thick the primer u did is u definitely dont want to go though it.) reason i tell u to use the rattle can paint is becuase once the primers blocked out the black will disapear and if theres a spot that u block over and stays black thats a low spot(dent) and you can fill it. u can repeat this on the dent till the piece is strait. if it blocks out strait your ready for paint...hope this helps. since ur new to the art, practice and patience ...i cant preach this enough. good luck
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