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NEED Phantom grill 95

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andyroo   +1y
hey guys i am looking for a phantom grill for a 95
isuzueh   +1y
try the aim website they make a phantom grill for both style front ends
andyroo   +1y
what is aim website
lowzone1   +1y

ugh....seriously, they are terrible with customer service, their parts are shady at best...overpriced shipping.....but if you want to get hosed...

is ONE of their sites.

back in the day they had 20 different company names in Mini truckin magazine with different phone numbers for each. they'd answer the phone "sales, how can i help you" cause they didnt know what ad you were looking at. real shady practices. unfortuantely unless someone knows where to get one, youre stuck shopping at AIM Industries. (check the BBB and AIM Ind and youll have a great time reading)
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