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20/22 combo

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twizted_spacecab   +1y
i was wondering if anyone else is running a 20/22 combo on a isuzu pup. if so what offset and back spacing r you running. if no one is running 22's in the back let me know about the 20's in the front
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eatinpavement   +1y
my wheels are 8.5 wide with a 45 mm offset (for the front that is)
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jester2   +1y
mine are 35 mm offset front and back 20x9 in front and 22x9.5 in rear on my space cab
twizted_spacecab avatar
twizted_spacecab   +1y
thanks guys
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93zuzu89   +1y
quick/dumb question, but what's back spacing and offset? god i'm such a f'n noob.
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aaskelvis   +1y
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lowzone1   +1y

ok 25.4mm is 1 U.S INCH (1")

so a 17x8 with ZERO offset is 4" backspacing. Take 1/2 the width and thats center or zero offset. if you have any offset over that, say 25mm you add that to the backspacing measurement. Now a 17x8 with 25mm (for an even number) has 5" backspacing...(4 (zero offset)+1 (25mm offset)=5 total backspacing). If it was 7.5" wide rim...3.75" is zero offset....then 10mm would be (3/8") +.375 or 4 1/8" 4.125" backspacing... and then a 3.375 front spacing (3.375+4.125=7.5")

10mm = 3/8" (.375)
20mm = 3/4" (.750)
25mm = 1" (1.000)
35mm = 1 3/8" (1.375")
45mm = 1 3/4" (1.750")
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