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Exterior \  Will a standard cab bed fit a space cab??

Will a standard cab bed fit a space cab??

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downforce   +1y
Sup peeps, was just wondering if any of you with a space cab know if a standard cab bed fits a space cab without any body mount mods or anything major?
sicpupidaho   +1y
Sorry they dont they are longer than space cab beds by an 1inch 1/2 if i remember right.
downforce   +1y

mannn...that sucks. Thanks.
/// xception   +1y
Did they make a spacecab with a shorter bed. If so it might fit....just pullin at straws.
downforce   +1y
hmmmmmm...might have to go and try it, was given a good deal on a bed that is better than the one my spacecab currently has but it's off a standard cab. I'm thinking as long as the wheel wells are still centered on the wheel but the tail end is longer it should be ok, only one way to find out I guess.

Thanks for the imput guys.
downforce   +1y
Only information I found so far online is that the standard cab long bed version has the same wheel dimensions as the space cab.

Space cab

193.8" Lenght
119.2" Wheel Base

Standard Cab (Long Bed)

193.8" Lenght
119.2" Wheel Base

Standard Cab
177.3" Lenght
105.6" Wheel Base

Nothing about the bed dimensions...
86pup   +1y
i did that to my space cab and the wheel wells don't line up. between the cab and the wheel the bed is longer.
lowzone1   +1y
the spacecab shares the wheelbase of the longbeds. basically the spacecab bed is a long bed with the front shortened. if you look at a longbed and a spacecab the back half are identical. the mounts are the same too, with the exception of the spacecab having 2 body mounts closely to where the front bed mounts would be and having those bed mounts moved back abit behind the spacecab. All 88-95 isuzus share the same leaf spring pack and dimensions (centering pin and eyelet distances). The cool thing to do would be grab a shortbed reconfigure the mounts and relocate the axle back on the leafsprings by having them redrill the locating pin OR do a long 4 link set up.....this way the RARE spacecab bed would no longer be an issue. anything can be done with enough time and metal......
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