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framekiller   +1y
does toyota axles half posi trac or do i need to get the explorer axle? is it hard to get the rear disc to work on the isuzu( explorer axle)? and do yotas have disc brakes from 88-95 ?
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baha   +1y
If you are talking about the pickup they have drum brakes but there are conversion kits out there to convert the brakes to disc. Here is some good information.

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89zues   +1y
i backed halved mine one my biuld right now and i took a 02 fullsize chevy rearend and had it narrowed about 20 inches. they com stock with 11" rotors and u can by almost any brake setup out there for it. u dont have any problems with ebrake lines becauce they disconnect at the back of the rotor. i just had to replumb the brake line and use a 14.5mm lug setup and get a custom driveshaft made to mate the new u joint. but u half to run a 16" wheel or bigger. if anay one does this be sure to factor in the calipers when takin ur mesurements.
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eatinpavement   +1y
i just used a 2000 blazer rearend. 98+ blazers rearend are narrower than stock isuzu with disc brakes. everything worked out just fine including the brake lines and used an s10 swb driveshaft. if you already have the gm rearend if your vin starts with a 4 you can use the isuzu yoke on the s10 rearend with the isuzu driveshaft. that gives you 4 3/4 lug pattern. from there you can either get the 4 1/2 pattern drilled or use adapters to match the yota front. wheel adapters make it about the same width as the yota rear, without its a little narrower.
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gldsuzi   +1y
what does s10 (swb) driveshaft mean. i like this idea and all the rest makes sence to me but this. thanks
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gldsuzi   +1y
i was just sitting in the living room and realized you ment standard wheel base.
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