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converting rear to 5 lug

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bodiedspacecab91 avatar
bodiedspacecab91   +1y
ive got a 91 isuzu spacecab and i need to convert the back to 5 lug with the simpleist way possible ive heard that toyota axles will work but im not sure any advise would be helpful
satchnc avatar
satchnc   +1y
I would use '84-'88 Toyota. They are a few inches narrower than the factory axle.
framekiller avatar
framekiller   +1y
can i use the isuzu driveshaft? and what years can i use for the front?
92zuzuman avatar
92zuzuman   +1y
use 88-95 toyota hub and rotors. They go right onto the spindles with no problem.
bodiedspacecab91 avatar
bodiedspacecab91   +1y
now are you talking about the whole axle assembly or just axle shafts?
low_pup avatar
low_pup   +1y
you will have to redrill the driveshaft for the toyota rear end or get an adapter made or even a new driveshaft. the whole rear end has to be swapped out you cant just do the shafts unfortunately. the 84-88 yota rear end is a few inches narrower. could make for a good dish on your wheels. its what i have on one of my isuzus.

and for the front you mainly just need the hubs from a junkyard off the front 88-95 toyota the rotors too if you dont plan to get new ones. you just have to run a space on the caliper to move it like 1/8 of in inch for the new rotors.
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