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framekiller   +1y
a friend and i just bagged the front of my 92 isuzu. the problem is the front wont lay all the way out. its about 1/2 inch off the ground. it has 17's on it. but i dont know whats hitting. so do i need to notch the arms? it kinda looks like the upper joints are maxed out on there angle. but this is our first isuzu we bagged. thanks for all the help. ill try and post some pics of the truck.
low1994   +1y
this could be caused by more than one specific problem.

1. Ball Joints binding
2. Upper Bag mounts being not high enough
3.lower arms touching the frame (but with only 17's you should be able to lay out without notching them)

I'm sure theres a couple more reasons I'm leaving out.

I just finished bagging my 94 and was worried about the same thing since I did not want to run a drop spindle. But I measured...checked...measured...checked and then even some more before welding up any of my upper bag mounts. I did not notch my lower arms either and on 18"s she lays flat. Im just concerned about my oil pan at this point and have to look into sectioning it.

Get those pics up.
framekiller   +1y
whats the best way to check all the above listed. can i take out the bag and jack up the wheel to check to see if the upper mounts are to low. to me it looks like the ball joints are binding they look maxed out on there angle
89zues   +1y
if ur ball joints are in a bind its most likely the uppers. i had this problem when i did my setup for 20s. if thats the prob theres a 2 way fix. 1. u can pie cut the uppers and pull the ball joint down 1/4 inch. to do this, take the ball joint out and right behind it u will see were it starts curvin up. take a torch and cut around this flat spot. it should look like the top of an octagon when done. then right below were the back of the ball joint stops, take a zawzaw on the side and cut it square about 3/8 up the side, then measure 1/4 in over toward the front and cut back to the first cut line. then take a torch and heat right above the cuts and bend them down with a hammer then weld back shut(both sides). or 2. u can make a 1/4 inch shim plate that bolts in front of the control arm on the frame. both work well on this. i had to do both, but hope this might help.
framekiller   +1y
hell yeah thanks alot for the help guys. do i unblot the control arm and add a shim there where the two bolts hold the arm on. sorry lame ass ?? noob here just making sure i dont screw up anything
89zues   +1y
yes it sets between the shock tower and the control arm, then slide the bolts through the con. arm and tighten the bolts in. the only down fall is this pulls the camber in more. but on 17s this shouldnt realy affect u because u have plenty of lift unlike us guys with 20s and bigger lol. hope this helps man. if u have any other probs, ill try to help the best i can, just let me know.
89zues   +1y
if u pm ur email adress i can send u pic of my uppers i modified
framekiller   +1y
going to space out the control arms tonight or tomarrow.
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