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bout to bag an body a 91

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ken   +1y
Im about to bag and body my 91 iszuz on 18s or 20s. i have the 18s already on 225 45 18s. i work at a shop so tools are no problem. this is my first isuzu. what kind of problems can i plan on. And how difficult is it to get the front all the way down?
gldsuzi   +1y
the radious arms are a pain in the ass there are a few things that you can do to take care of that. The front is no problem as long as you "Z" the frame SFBD or TRAD body drop
89zues   +1y
yea the radius arms do suck. you will have to notch the lowers to. zin the frame pretty easy to id post u pick of my front setup on 20s with 255/35/20 tires but dont no how to post em on here lol. as 4 the body drop, havent went that rout yet when u do it post some pick so i can see if its goin to be a pain.
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