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Suspension \  Anybody have pics of Z'ing the frame or a how to?

Anybody have pics of Z'ing the frame or a how to?

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drgnizzy   +1y
in the process of bagging my 89 pup and figured id look into zing the frame as well. Good choice bad choice what do u guys think?
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gldsuzi   +1y
if you don't plan on a BD there is no point
tre5 avatar
tre5   +1y
Why is there no point to it unless you are going to body drop it? It will make you lay frame all the way to the front. I say do it! Even if you dont find vehicle specific front Z's, there are plenty out there documented and it will be very similar on an isuzu.
tycox avatar
tycox   +1y
good choice bump the body drop just z the frame and drag it. the easiest way would be to go to yotascene and look at there forums. it will be basically the same way on a isuzu. they have the same basic setup. how far do you plan on zing it? i would say about an inch should be plenty.
nssj avatar
nssj   +1y
Mazdabscene has good info too...
mazdas hit front xmember about an inch before frame
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