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upper ball joints

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tycox avatar
tycox   +1y
when you notch the lowers what do you have to do to the upper ball joints?
dhpmike avatar
dhpmike   +1y
You would need to cut the upper arms and reangle them down a bit so the upper balljoints dont bind. If you dont get this please email me and Ill detail it for you.
ken avatar
ken   +1y
cant u swap the passenger and driver arms around? i heard that is it true?
dhpmike avatar
dhpmike   +1y
Ive heard you can but then you have to cut a bunch of the metal away from the arm to clear the frame and your bag mounts.
eatinpavement avatar
eatinpavement   +1y
you must pie cut the sides to reangle the balljoint if going with a wheel bigger than im guessing 18
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