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upper control arms

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pokracka   +1y
i bagged my truck in the front with 2500 airlift dominators and the control arms hits the upper bag bracket do i need to trim it or what has anyone ever had this problem i got 17 escalades on it
slammedxonair avatar
slammedxonair   +1y
My buddys yota did that. he ended up trimming and plating the uppers for clearance but then we went with tubular uppers for the best clearance.
dhpmike avatar
dhpmike   +1y
trim the stock arm and replate it. Go ahead and reangle the balljoint area also while your at it or you will have balljoint bottoming out problems also. Or just go with tube arms and solve all your problems. New balljoints, bushings, correct angles, clears bag mounts and looks killer.

what your doing with the truck and available funds always factor in any decision you make as well.
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