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front suspension setup

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tycox   +1y
i have a 1990 zu bagged all the way around on 16 inch centerlines with2054016 tires. it will lay frame no problem even the oil pan drug. myu question is when i go 18s what will i have to do to lay frame. like notch the control arm, z the frame, or any other possible way. and with the notching the control arm what are you re enforcing it with after you notch and how is it done? thanks for any help. plus i need a set of 18s if anybody has any.
low1994   +1y
have mint cond. set of 18" escalades.
brianbgboy   +1y
the easiest way to get it back to frame when you change the wheels to 18's would be to redo the upper bag mounts and it will lay. no need to notch the lowers or z on 18's. just dont get the spindles!!!!! they push the wheel out too far and cause wheel clearence issues. later, brian
low_pup   +1y
i couldent tell you if im running drop spindles or not but i can tell you that you dont have to z or notch your LCA's to lay on 18s. u will have to move your upper bag mounts. and cut out your wheel wells, biggest i was able to go and lay on stock wells not cut was 17s and they rubbed from time to time.

im running 19" rims no problem without the frame z'd or notched LCA's and thats on stock fenders no clearnace issues. hope that helps you out a little.
tycox   +1y
im not running spidles because i dont want to get amigos. but with raising the bag bracket do i need to cut the upper control arm out a little. how much do you want for the 18 inch escalade rims and whic ones are they? this is my first isuzu ive always been a toyota guy. if i notch the control arms (which i know i dont have to) would it just make the tire tuck up farther?
low1994   +1y lowers dont even have to get notched to lay nicely on my 18" escalades? i was about to tear into those guys tonight......anyone know exacty or close for a number where my upper bag mounts might need to go? to get her to lay flat? using contitech 2500s
slamdeo   +1y
It all depends on your tire size mate. I am running 235.45.17 with standard spindles and i had to notch my lowers. Best way to find out is trial and error. Take your bags out, chuck some packers under the tires to replicate the height of your new tires then drop her down and see if anything fouls this tire size chart may help you as well
low1994   +1y
im running a 215/35/18 tire. on the 18" 06-08 ESCALADE WHEELS. but If i really dont need to notch my lowers out to get it to lay out flat up front id rather not. No drop spindle, and stock fenders. cutting the wheel well out is no problem at all, but as far as the guessing it really depends on where i mount my upper bag mounts???? and what about the sway bar or "whatever it is" that connects to the lower arms?? what do i do with that?
slamdeo   +1y
Ditch the sway bar. To be honest you are most probably going to have to notch your lowers and pie cut uppers or run spindles to lay on 18s. But like I say the only way to know for sure is to lay it out without bAgs on some packing to replicate the diameter of the 18s
low1994   +1y
guys its been a while...since ive been on. the last year or so have been rough, havent had any time or money to put into my pup. due to finishing up college. but recently have found myself with some spare time to get back at the project...and its about time!

Question is.. Im getting ready to weld up my upper bag mounts for the front end. I do not have spindles, running a Contitech 2500 bag, and escalade 18"s. How critical is the angle of the top bag mount?? Ive seen pics of front set ups...but need to know about the angle i weld in my upper plates in. Like i said I know I havent been around in a while, but really any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys!