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How Low??

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madroxx   +1y
i've static slammed out two hardbodies...both with torsion and 3" and 4" blocks.. i ended up baggin one....i never got around to finishin it due to time an money.... the other i traded for my two zus... i static slammed out a mazda also..but i've never seen a completely static slammed out zu.. ive seen em bagged an mildly dropped but not slammed to hell an back... how low can you go with a zu... if i monoleaf an 4" block the rear an crank out the torsion bars all the way...will it set me as low as my hb an mazda was? does anyone have pics of a zu static slammed?
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88longbox   +1y
i just looked through my pix and i dont have any butwith 3 inch blocks and monoleaf on low profile 15 inch rims with tortion bars turned dowm i was about 2 inches from ground to frame rails.

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ken   +1y
I have a 91 pup. The back is monoleafed with 4inch blocks. The axle bottomed out on the frame. the front i cranked the torsions down till there is about a 1/2 space between the bump stop an frame. Rides like shit but looks good. Theres a pic of it on here.
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