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steering clearance?

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dhpmike   +1y
I have a question...

as most of you may know I dont own an Isuzu. I am however working on parts for the 88-93 Pup. but I need a question answered.

when you have the steering turned all the way to lock to one side, how much clearance is there between the steering tie rod and the control arm?

can someone measure this? you can measure from the tie rod to the centerline of the lower control arm. that would be the best measurement.

Im needing to know how much of the lower needs to come out forward to make room for a bag. There should be enough.

ill also ask the guy that sent me the stock parts...

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eatinpavement   +1y
what do you mean to make room for the bag? im confused. i'll measure tonight but just wandering. so say the wheel is turned all the way left, you need to know the measurement to the left control arm? not sure what your trying to do, but just making sure i measure the right thing.
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92zuzuman   +1y
4 and 3/8 from the hole on the lower arm between the shock tabs to the edge of the tierod.
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dhpmike   +1y
Thats what I mean. from the control arm over to the tie rod. Id like to know how far toward the tie rods I can go with the tubing on the lower tube arm. Id like to make sure theres enough room to center the bag where the shock used to be and the tubes under the bag plate not be in the way of the bag bolts and not have to move the bag forward or backward.

Scott called me with the measurement. Im in the process of making the upper and lower arm fixtures right now.

Without getting too into how I make the fixture Ill tell ya this...

I make the fixture on a piece of 1/2" thick flat plate. The upper on one side and the lower on the other. I cut it square or rectangle and make sure the sides are square as they can be. This way all my 90 degree angles work out right.

I have the plate cut, grinded and square. I also have the studs that hold the fixture onto my fixture stand. I also have the plate that holds the bushings on the fixture until the tubes are put on.

Im having to turn some solid bar down to make holders for the bushing sleeves. This takes time since my lathe is very old. It works like a champ but its not computer controlled. anyway im making sure these parts im making for the fixture are correct down to the hundreth of an inch.

Im using a digital caliper to make sure these bushing holders are exact. This I never could do at my previous shop. IM happy that I can get this exact.

Look for updates and pics as soon as I have some available. I will post them here in a new thread. I will also post them on my website and on
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eatinpavement   +1y
these are mine. i dont know if this is along the lines of what you are looking to do but yea you can center the bag on the arm.

thread post photo
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dhpmike   +1y
Thats exactly what Im looking for. Where you have that flat round plate on your lower I will have a tube arm with one tube going under that plate at the front and one at the rear. I just needed to know for sure that there is enough room in the front for that tube. I just need the room to get to the bolts from the bottom.

It appears that there is plenty of room. I am going to go by the 4&3/8" of room that Scott told me there was. I can tell thats the case from that pic. I will center a bag on the lower tube arm and make just enough room for the bolts.

I finished some of the bushings and bushing holders last night. Im going to work on more holders today. I should have them done and begin making stops on the plate for the lowers today as well.

I will have to get some new dies for the 1"x1/4" DOM tube. Im going to order 3.5" radius. This should be perfect for the lowers and uppers.

I will post pics of the parts tonight if I get enough done.
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