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Isuzu I did way back

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dhpmike   +1y

I should have been working on arms instead of this truck...anyway
lowzone1   +1y
are you in any way owner or business partners with anyone at BYC??? i know of alot of people that waited months and months for stuff and most of them just got refunded their money. i dont like spreading incorrect info, but wanted to clearify this since ALOT of people here will be hunting you down for those control arms....people here want them NOW!!!
92zuzuman   +1y
Im really thinking about gettin those c arms too... Could you make them so i can put s-10 balljoints on?
dhpmike   +1y
Yes, I am Mike from BYC

I could not get my old domain name back so I changed the name of my shop when I reopened january 1st.

I have it stated plain as day on my website that DHP is the same as BYC

I have been making old parts orders from BYC. I justn shipped a set of Isuzu upper and lower arms to Josh Lilly in Louisiana. They were an old BYC order.

I am about to ship an upper set to Ben in Australia for an old order.

Im reworking all my old jig fixtures.

if anyone has an old BYC order, please email me at

I will have new Isuzu upper and lower arm sets available in late August or September.
low1994   +1y
825$.....geesh...just pay the man...
lowzone1   +1y

hey , just read your email to Joe Marrow (AIM for anyone not knowing). Great job getting him to back down off Personally i think Joe just shot himself in the head and is going down fast and wont recover. Im glad that you are bringing BYC stuff up to date and finishing old orders. Get some pics and prices up for the LCA and uppers as well....i bet a few guys here would place an order or 2.....i dont bag my trucks anymore and i make my own drop control arms so, unfortunately i wont be ordering but again, thanks for getting the heat off Kris...not that anything would have happened, but glad its over

dhpmike   +1y
Heres the link to all the emails between me and Joe from Chassistech and Kris from SSM

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