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compressor wire up

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8083tcman   +1y
i had a toggle switch hooked up for the compressor and it grounded out and the wires burnt where should the switch run too because right now theres the power wire from the compressor running to the pressure switch and one wire from the pressure switch to the battery and thats it so where does the toggle switch go let me know thanks ???????????
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sicpupidaho   +1y
you need to be running a relay or something like a ford siloniod(spelling?) switch . if i find a wiring diagram i will put it on here or if someone else does put it up here.
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8083tcman   +1y
i dont have a relay just a toggle switch and a pressure switch thing on the tank.. it was working before until the wire on the toggle switch and now i dont know where it runs...
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eatinpavement   +1y
you MUST use a relay!!! you need to run a fused (place fuse within 12 inches of the battery)heavy gauge wire from your battery to the terminal number 87 of a 40 amp relay. from terminal #30 you run a heavy gauge wire to the (+) of the compressor. hook around a 16 gauge ground wire to terminal #85. run a 16 gauge wire from either your battery (or a toggle switch) or from a wire thats hot when the ignition is on(prefered) to one teminal of the pressure switch. from the other terminal of the pressure switch run a 16 gauge wire to terminal #86 of the relay. the center terminal of the relay (87a) will be unused. i recommend using a relay doing this for each compressor. you can use a jumper wire from one relay to the next for terminal 86 from the pressure switch.
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8083tcman   +1y
mines looks different ill take a pic and post it on here thnaks guys
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lowered4lyfe   +1y
what about a wiring diagram without a pressure switch?
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