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Suspension \  leak


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isuzueh   +1y
hey guys just asking for some possible ideas on whats making this leak.....i leave my truck lifted fully at night and by morning all the bags are completly empty.....I can't see it being an individal bag for obvious reasons so what else could it be the compressors?? thanks guys
westanbro   +1y
Do you still have alot of air in the tank after it leaks down? I had a small leak in my tank one time and when it would go empty my truck would start to go down. The valves had to have pressure against them from the tank or they would release pressure from the bag side. Just a thought.
speedylowz   +1y
Get a water squirt bottle put some windex in it & spray down all the fitings,tank ports,& even the airgags!!! see if it makes any bubbles.
draggnisuzu   +1y
a bro you might want to check your valves cause recently my valves where doing the same thing and what i did was just opened them up and cleaned them out and that solved my problem good luck
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