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mightymini   +1y
Just tryin to see how many people would snag up some control arms. I was talking to a guy on and said he was thinking about making a jig to make some arms but wanted to know how many people would be interested. After he gets his mazda arms done he will show some pics of the quality work he does. As for price and anything like that im sure is gonna depend on how many sets he needs to make. Like i said im just getting some ideas so he can see if its gonna be worth it. Let me know guys the sooner the better. Cuz i know i need some, lol
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eatinpavement   +1y
maybe depending on price and design.
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22-zu   +1y
Really pay attention to his work. The guy i bought mine from did his own work on it and the welds looked like a 2 year old did it with flux core wire. I got in contact with him on and he was asking about if he thinks people would want control arms.
When I talked to him last he wanted to make them out of square tubing, cut the angle in with a chop saw and weld the 2 pieces together. His work was bad enough that it was easier to make a whole new frame, cut the whole floor, firewall, and rear wall out of the cab, strip the old a-arms of their bag plates and remake everything (reason i havent updated in awhile).

It might not be the same guy, and I hate slamming someone elses work like that, but just watch out man
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lowzone1   +1y
ive built my own using the stock arms. i drilled and welded pipe/sleeves thru the stock bolt locations of the lower ball joint mount and relocated the ball joint ontop of the control arm giving about a 1.5" drop. next i want to tackle the upper control arms to reangle the balljoint angle
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isuzueh   +1y
any word on these arms yet?? im interested in seeing how they turn out
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mightymini   +1y
dude i havent heard from the guy since, im disappointed but what can ya do
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lowzone1   +1y

build your own.... or hunt them down and...................
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dhpmike   +1y
Im making Isuzu arms again. I have an old BYC set Im getting ready to send out as soon as I check it on my jigs. Im also bracing the balljoint plates. These use stock balljoints and will lay 20s.

look for updates soon on my website.

I can also answer any questions on Isuzu front suspension. thanks
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