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doing the plumbing

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isuzueh   +1y
k guys im gonna start to collect all the parts and fittings for my plumbing just looking for some guidence on what to pick up (ie fittings, valves ect) just so im not running to the store every 5 mins when im doing it thanks guys
keele   +1y
What kind of plumbing you doing. Hardline or hose, are you using compression fittings or push connects
isuzueh   +1y
im just running hose, nothing fancey whats the differences between compression fittings and push connects? anyone have some good resources where I can read up on this kinda of stuff?? also im running a 10 switch box and wanna hit sides, so what more do I need to know
keele   +1y
If you wanna hit side to side you will need a total of 8 valves (a dump and a fill for each corner). You say you have a 10 switch switch box so you probably will wire your switches for:

1 Front Driver Up/Down
2 Front Passenger Up/Down
3 Rear Driver Up/Down
4 Rear Passenger Up/Down
5 Driver Side Up/Down
6 Passenger Side Up/Down
7 Front Up/Down
8 Rear Up/Down
9 Pancake Up/Down
10 Z Saw (Front up all ass down)

Compression fittings have a brash crush fitting that fit on the hose and crush down to create an air tight (most of the time) seal. You need a wrench to put these together to tighten and loosin the nut that crushes the crush fitting.
Pros: Pretty good seal, this is what most people use, not bad in price
Cons: Do leak, can crack a nut, ect.

Push fittings you screw into your valves, bags, ect and then you just push the hose in with your hand. no tools needed. if you need to take the hose off for some reason you just push down the O ring and pull the line out and your good to go.
Pros: Great for quick fixes on the side of the road if you drag threw an airline, Easy to take the line in and out of if you have to in the shop, no tools required to take the line out
Cons: Little more expensive then compression fittings

Hope this helps you some
isuzueh   +1y
thanks for the info man very helpfull!
keele   +1y
Anytime man
untamedprez   +1y
i used 5/8 line so i just used compression all the way around works great i have no complaints at all and i always do keep a ptf in my truck . with the size line i used it was alot cheaper to go compression cause for the price of one ptf equaled 2 compression. that and if i ever need a fitting in a rush any lowes or home depot will have the compressions.
sorry if this seems like blabbing and helps a lil.
keele   +1y
I ran my entire truck with 1/4" airline. Easy to run in tight spaces and plenty fast lifting and lowering. I didn't wanna run big line so I didn't slam my truck up and slam my truck down.
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