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Motor help

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ityler   +1y
Will the 2.3 head bolt on the 2.6?
framekiller   +1y
i know a 2.6l will fit on a 2.3l so im sure it would. just dont forget about the manual fuel pump hole. make a block off plate oh you may need to make a couple if holes in the head gasket also
twistedfabrication   +1y
Yes it will bolt directly on. You will need to use either the 6 timing components or the 3. Just dont inter mix them. You will need to use the 6 water pump pulley and also use the distributor. Im about to do this and been doing research for awhile. Let me know if you have any other questions. Also advise buying a delta 270 cam for it. They are only 70 bucks cant go wrong!
ityler   +1y
Thanks,I've been doing alot of research on it too. I also read something about using 2 spacer plates or something to be able to use the 2.6 clutch because it's bigger and will hold up better. Also where could I find that cam and is a pacesetter header any good?
ityler   +1y
Oh and the 2 spacer plates that I mentioned are the things that go between the motor and trans,I also plan to keep the 2.3 trans because the mechanical linkage for the clutch is way simpler and more reliable.
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