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framekiller   +1y
i need so help w/ the scoo. so the trucks starts fine warms up fine . but when im driving the truck and come to a stop the truck starts to try and die then it dies. but if you keep giving it gas its stays running. i rebuilt the carb(weber) checked plugs wires. maybe the timing or the cap and rotor. i dont know whats wrong or im over looking something
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draggnisuzu   +1y
I had that same problem bro and what was wrong with mine was the fuel filter which is based on the back passenger side were you pump gas at. Change that it might work. The filter is only like 5 to 10 bucks but no more and it's simple to remove. Hope this helps out.
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eatinpavement   +1y
intake manifold gasket. to check it, with the truck idling after its warmed up spray some carbureator cleaner along where the intake manifold meets the head. if you see a difference in idle when you spray then you found your problem.
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framekiller   +1y
i know for sure its not the fuel filter, its brand new. it has a fuel cell but it has been installed for months. ill try the spraying the intake gasket again.
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89zues   +1y
ok man i had this problem about three times when i swappedout my tank for a keg. look on front of the carb if its the stock one im assuming. theres a ring and plate with 3 flathead bolts. take the air cleaner off so u can see insine the carb, then take the 3 bolts off the front, u might have to press in a bit to break them loose. be carfull and pull the ring off then plate( pull out just a hair and jet the gas drain out). ok this part is tricky. u look in u can see the float on a shaft, look on the shaft the first thing to slide off is a little sleeve on it. dont loose that, luckily i had an extra carb for parts. when u pull the float out theres a lil triangle needle directly above it, pay attention to how it comes out, set all these aside in order they come out. now clean the chamber out with a rag and carb cleaner. now u can see the jets in the back bottom. use a wide flathed and press in a lil to take out and dont strip the head these arnt cheap. pay atention to wich jet go were. now take a air blower and blow the 2 jet holes and jets out.(wear safety glasses that gass hurts realy bad when gets in ur eye). all in all ur just doin a minor carb tune up only about 15 min. but the jets are small and get dirt and or sand stuck in then some how but i did it a couple time because a dirty keg but it sounds like alot here, but when u do it its easy and worked for me just dont loose anything and lay it out so u can back track in order when puttin back together. hope this helps man....and howed the front end drop go?
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framekiller   +1y
its not stock its a weber carb. i rebuilt it thinking its my problem. i did spray some carb cleaner all over the intake and the idle spped didnt change. im goging to do it again its been about a couple weeks so maybe somethings changed. anybody think it might need timed. thanks for all the help.
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twistedfabrication   +1y
Could be timing which is easy to check but doesnt sound like that. It really sounds like a fuel pressure problem. Are you using the stock fuel pump or an electrical one? Is it regulated? Also did you try to adjust the carb on the idle positioning screw it only affects the idle and should be touching plus 1/4 to 1/2 normally if thats a little off it could die all the time at idle. This is not your mixture screws as it runs fine as your driving. More info and can probably narrow it down for ya. Late.
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