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Engine \  Painting engine bay, which is easier?

Painting engine bay, which is easier?

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loudcherokee   +1y
With my truck project, I had planned on painting the engine bay to match the body color. Inner fenders, Core support, and Firewall.

Which is easier...

A) Pulling body off the frame, leaving engine on the frame
B) Pulling engine from frame, leaving body on frame
C) Removing inner fenders to paint separately, and taping off the engine to try and spray the firewall.

Anyone with experience doing this? Any advantages or disadvantages to either way? I'm thinking one advantage to pulling the body would give me full access to clean the engine and frame, and paint the frame as well in rust preventative black paint. But, to pull the body, there are probably alot more connections to disconnect, right? Brake lines, especially.

nssj   +1y
use aluminum foil to mask off things like brake booster or other stuff you decide not to take off
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