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89zues   +1y
can anyone with a manual tell me why my check engine light blinks once stops then blinks twice then stops. it does this repedivly. some guys told me its like a code to tell u whats wrong but i have no way to find out. the truck has some idle isues and ull be going down the road and it will try to die out of nowhere untill u give it more gas. could these be linked together?
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framekiller   +1y
i have a book that tells yeah im at work but when i get home i will look. the book came from autozone
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framekiller   +1y
the book said its in diagnosics mode. did you check the self diagnosics test.? or are the lights coming on there selfs. theres a brain right behind the pastic piece by your feet.(dr. side only) theres two wires that connect to each other. plug them in and turn key to on and see what the codes say.then disconnect the wires. and then disconnect the battery to clear the code. start all over again to see if the code come back. double check all the hoses to the carb. intake. evap cant. every hose you can see. then if they are all ok. your carb might need adjusted or get a weber carb. thats what i did isuzu wants 900.00 for a new carb. f that get a weber for 380.00 or lower now shit. you will get rid of all your vaccum hose but the ones you actually need. remember check everything even if you have checked it do it again. i will bring the book to work so i can tell you what the codes mean. i will go to my parents house and send you what it says right out of the book. i hope this helps
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eatinpavement   +1y
9 out of 10 your idle problem is the intake manifold gasket leaking air making the engine lose vacuum. to test it, with the engine idling, spray some carbureator cleaner or starting fluid where the intake meets the head and if the idle speeds up then you have found your problem.
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